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From the album " CRY WITH A SMILE"

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Written to an incredible up tempo R&B groove (provided by my son and Producer "RiZ") this song shares my decision to keep “Holdin’ out for the man who’s ‘Rib’ I think I am”. While I admit my goal to make the "suggestion" of “provisional celibacy” (i.e., until you meet someone special) to everyone who'll listen may be a bit ambitious, I hope the message will nonetheless reach out to my 35 and under music lovers (the current age group most infected by the Aids virus) and they'll be able to connect BECAUSE I shared MY story. Bottom-line, I just hope we can try not to be so quick to move to "the next level" when you meet someone. Wait, for a number of reasons, the BEST one being, like L’Oreal proclaims…YOU'RE WORTH IT!