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From the album " CRY WITH A SMILE"

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Inspired by one of Luther Vandross’ last recordings, “Dance With My Father”, and the loss of the love of MY life (at least as my book of life is penned thus far); Don Colbert Hawkins (who left me much too soon), is an emotional R&B ballad told over harpsichord keys, and laced with a Rock guitar solo (that fueled my heart-felt vocals) and a very personal dedication to my former friend and lover, and EVERYONE who's ever lost someone they wished they could have as one line begs, "just one more night, just one more chance, just one more kiss, just one more dance". Like Luther in "Dance With My Father", the song is my very real prayer for...a "DO OVER"! My vocals' emotions ran the gamut from the song's inception, to the "wrap" on the final vocal tracks where it became evident that my writing and recording of THIS song provided me the much needed outlet to grieve Don’s passing, and as you’ll hear, to finally release the "sorrow" my heart had unknowingly been carrying around for such a long time. The message is simple; true love is timeless, it never dies!